Noemika is a creative brand by the artist Noemi Veberic Levovnik aka Noemika, a queer, neurodivergeant artist.

Noemi is an interdisciplinary artist since she was a tiny kid, always creating between all of her big artistic loves: literature (hungry hungry bookwarm and writer who is obssesed with creative non-fiction, poetry and queer erotica), performance art (especially cabaret, dance, musicals and sometimes trips to contemporary theatre), contemporary art (yummy days spent alone at the museums are one of her favorite escapes), and music (she loves so many genres it's ridiculous, but the most unexpected is probably sugary pop of 70s and 80s).

As an artist, Noemi has for a long time been active in galleries and museums, creating installations, drawings, paintings, videos, sound works, artist books, photographs and presenting them at more then 10 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Slovenia and across the world. 

As a writer, she has a Substack (please subscribe) and is looking for a publisher for her book of poetry Let My Pussy Speak, which has inspired one of the clothing collections.

Noemika was created to sell all of her creative products in one place, and to subscribe to her writing if you wish, connected to the rest of the clothing and prints that you can get at the site.

Whackyself is a clothing brand she started a few years ago but is transforming into the Noemika umbrella brand now.

All of the collections are inspired by or directly made as part of Noemi's artistic practice, ranging from drawing, installation, performance art, cabaret, to creation of pop songs, Let my Pussy Speak series of poetry and embodiment work.

She also draws inspirations from her personal/dating life as a queer woman (such as a slightly braggy ex-girlfriend who actually said her monstera is the biggest) and LGBTQA+ culture which she belongs to and is very nerdy and excited about.

Her aesthetics are inspired by all kinds of infuances, from her rich knowledge of art history (including movies!!) to (queer) pop influences, graffiti, rap culture, fashion of the the 1960s to 2000s.

Noemika's first mission is to empower (all) women and people with pussies, queers and neurodivergenant people. It is aimed to promote self-love and healing through humor, beauty and poetry. It is sex-positive and passionate about art.

All of the designs are eco-consciouss and printed in Germany.