Collection: The Clown Collection

The Clown is one of the characters of The Slightly Strange Theatre, a troupe of alter-egos of Noemi Veberic Levovnik, creator of Whacky Self.

The Clown has an active anti-patriarchal agenda, and uses humor and sex as a weapon. The Clown is queer and non-binary (and doesn't care about those categories either). 

The Clown creates a parody of wherever they find themselves, going by the motto of “Everything is silly” and helping you inject some much needed weirdness into your life, as a form of self-care. 

The Clown will be your ally in the world, they will protect your with their mischief and their fierceness. Let yourself go silly, embrace adventures in the every day, backed up by your Clown, and don't hold back. Perhaps you'll discover the Clown is (in) you.